Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Worth Sharing (4/16)

Recently I have not been sure what I wanted to do about my blog, so I left it alone for a little bit. I do want to keep writing book reviews (free books anyone?) and join in the "What's On My Nightstand?" linky which keeps my reading goals (plus my tendency to read the first two chapters and nothing more) moving forward. I also want to write beautifully crafted posts that make you ponder and cause you to respond with quirky comments. Perhaps those types of posts are pending, we'll see.

Plus I had the idea of sharing things I have found online, things that have inspired me, what I'm currently into and that sort of thing, possibly on a weekly basis. I realize that this is a totally new idea that no other blogger has ever done! ever! Yes, I am just that cutting edge. 

So, for the three of you who are still following me and Mr. Anonymous, who loves me and has left 39 comments which have nothing to do with any of my content,

here is what I have been learning/thinking/doing lately:

1. Praying for Boston. (This could be its own post. I wrote everything here before the horrible tragedy occurred and I felt I could not post this today without mentioning how heart broken I am. At the same time, it seems wrong that it is just one of many on my list, so I want to be sure to let you know that this is the list today! The rest are just bonuses and if you are like me, you may need something to distract for a moment before returning to the news. I, like you, will be praying!)

The bonuses:

"...sin is crouching at the door. Its desire is for you, but you must rule over it." 
                                     - Genesis 4:7 ESV
Still working on this one. I seem to notice the sins crouching at the door of my neighbors so easily, why is that?

3. I had a blast shopping in the states recently. It was extra fun since Whole30/Paleo has reshaped my body. (My Whole 30 Results)

4. Did you see that Flylady (which I have not done in a long time) and Cozi (a digital agenda that would make me seem so 2013) have come together to create a perfect mesh of organizational heaven online? Watch out Proverbs 31 woman!

5. I am in spring cleaning/decluttering mode (at least for right this second). I even wrote a long list, breaking everything that I want to do into small chunks to seem more manageable (thanks to every organizational book and blog that I have ever read plus several magazine articles for that idea). Right now, I am decluttering all the surfaces in my bedroom. I am hoping this clean, uncluttered look will last well into tomorrow afternoon. 

6. The plan is to get back to my resolution to memorize one Spanish verb a week. I might even do it today!

What about you? Found anything worth sharing recently? What are you thinking about, reading, watching, doing now?


Christie Hagerman said...

It's good to regroup sometimes, huh? I'm focusing on getting some blog posts written in advance. I've hit a lull because I feel like I'm saying the same stuff over and over, except my book reviews. I'm not ready to give up those free books either!! ;) I'm trying to get more purposeful about language learning, flute practicing, and a few ideas for more practical ministry stuff that's been popping into my head. I say making the list is the first step to getting it done, so you're ahead of the game with all your organization and the list you made in the post!

Cassandra Land said...

Ah ha! I finally discovered the magic combination that will allow me to view your comments and leave one of my own. I have to turn off my ad muncher and load your blog in Internet Explorer. Weird! I wonder if it's Disqus that my ad muncher doesn't like... I'll have to poke around and see what I can find out.
Anyways... I too am in spring cleaning/organization mode and I hope it lasts long enough to make a lasting difference. :) Did your bedroom stay decluttered this week?
Good luck with your Spanish studies! I'm finally getting back the motivation to amp up my Japanese studies. I've been doing the minimums the last couple weeks to stay up with reviews but haven't studied anything new. Are you familiar with Anki? It's a great computer flashcard program that works wonders with vocabulary!

MissionalMama said...

Exactly, I seem to need to regroup more often to stay focused on what is best. I do think making the list is helpful and now using the list in the next challenge. Where do I post it to make myself accountable to it? :)

MissionalMama said...

I am so glad you figured it out! I look forward to your comments! I have to open my blog in Chrome to see the comments myself.
My bedroom has stayed mostly uncluttered. What always happens is laundry ends up in there

MissionalMama said...

Opps, I wasn't finished. Also, books end up on my dresser because I am looking at them or starting them or I just pick it up and put it there....(the problem with books is they walk around by themselves and end up everywhere)
I have not heard of Anki, but will check it out now. Thanks for the tip!
Have a great weekend.

Christie Hagerman said...

I have the same question. Maybe we could safety pin it to the front of our shirts? Worth a shot! I managed to get a few spare blog posts done, so feeling like I can relax a tiny bit now. ;)